2018 Graduates Large Class

Graduating Consul Tim Saia ’18 reported, “graduation was cold and rainy, fitting for RPI.”  A large class of 21 was reported.  Also Nick Fortune ’13 received his Ph.D in Mathematics Education from North Caralina State.

Back (left to right): Dan Sze, Hunter Eiss, Ed Prettyman, Sean Ferracioli, Tim Saia, Matt Cornell, Sean Waclawik, Damian Amiruddin

Front: Chris St. Onge, Felicia Peacock (Lavalier, Girlfriend of Ben Richardson), Marvin Cosare, Jack Yang, Andrew Ellis, Reilly Keating-Wood.

Not pictured: Nikolay Lihraski, James Hu, Jonathan Tiller, Greg Pepe, Billy Sullivan, Matt Heimlich, Kenny D’Aurizio, Michael Manogue, Christian Sye, Vandan Patel

Updates on plans for the Graduates:

FIRST LAST Degree(s) Plans Location
Marvin Cosare B.S. Industrial & Management Engineering Leviton, Manufacturing ePDP Program Washington, D.C.
Hunter Eiss B.S. Industrial & Management Engineering Booz Allen Hamilton, Cost Engineer Morganton, NC, Bloomingdale, IL, and Bothell, WA
Dan Sze B.S. Computer Science and Business Management TripAdvisor Boston
Sean Waclawik B.S. Computer Science Arista Networks Nashua, NH
Tim Saia B.S. Computer Science Software Engineer at Bloomberg NYC, Midtown, living in UES
Kenny D’Aurizio BS Business and Management Northeastern Law School Boston (Fennway)

Congratulations to all!

2018-05-19 RPI Grads cropped

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