Executive Committee

Consul – Arthur (Trey) Michaelsen III

Pro Consul – Patrick Maher

Annotator – William Tan

Quaestor – Tiago de Costa Campos

Risk Manager – Thomas Moe

Scholarship Chair – Simon Gibson

Brotherhood Chair – Drew Douglass

House Manager – Gabriel Tambellini

Other Officers

Magister – Connor O’Brien

Recruitment Chair – Shawn Vembenil

Alumni Tribune – Gabriel Tambellini

Community Service Chair – Jack Yang

Chapter Editor – Gabriel Tambellini

Derby Days Chairmen – Gabriel Tambellini & William Tan

Historian – Denzell Dixon

Philanthropy Chair – Jack Yang

Social Chair – Jasen Yang

Steward – Jack Williams

Kustos – Will d’Entremont

Awards Chair – Ryan Mulligan

Parliamentarian – Connor O’Brien

Webmaster – Arthur (Trey) Michaelsen III

Network Chair – Winston Yu

Social Media Chair – Arthur (Trey) Michaelsen III


    1. Hey Scott the 70th Anniversary event is going to be held on the weekend of October 8th during alumni weekend we will send out any more info as its gathered.


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