Our Chapter

Delta Psi


Sigma Chi is one of the oldest and largest fraternal organizations in North America. Since our founding at Miami University in 1855, Sigma Chi has initiated more than 300,000 brothers throughout the US and Canada. Today, Sigma Chi boasts more than 240 undergraduate chapters and nearly 150 alumni chapters, making us one of the strongest and most ubiquitous support networks in the world.

Our chapter, Delta Psi, was installed on December 2, 1950. We support academic excellence, community involvement, leadership development, and lifelong growth of character. Our undergraduate program has produced outstanding alumni, including one Grand Consul, six members of the Order of Constantine, and seven Significant Sigs. Delta Psi is regarded as a leading chapter in Sigma Chi, having won the Peterson Significant Chapter Award the last 10 years in a row. Of the awards, 1 was a Peterson Gold award (top 6 chapters in the country) and the rest were Peterson Blue Awards. Rensselaer also awarded Delta Psi with the 2015, 2016, and 2017 President’s Cups and the 5 Star Award for over 5 years running, making Sigma Chi one of the premier fraternities on campus.