University creates Greek Life Task Force; new mailing list deployed

UPDATE: On August 18 John Pfaff reported the first Greek Life Task Force meeting was schedule for August 27 and 28 and would be attended by John Pfaff, Bob Eckart ’73 and Sigma Chi’s 68th Grand Consul, Mike Greenberg, Illinois Wesleyan ’82 as keynote speaker.  [Waiting for the Report on the Task Force]

  1. Yesterday (August 18, 2018) was a regular monthly AIGC board meeting with Travis Apgar.  Overall it was a positive meeting at which we reviewed SAJ’s letter revealing the makeup of the Greek Life Task Force (available on the website ).  In addition we gave Travis copies of the 5 Star applications from Sigma Chi, Delta Phi, LXA and SAE for he, LeNormanStrong and Dr. Jackson so they see what outstanding fraternities are like.  We also asked for the distribution of the 17 fraternity related sexual assault cases from 2017/18.  In other words, are they spread across the entire system or concentrated in a few bad actors?  Finally, we asked for details about which fraternities are not providing a safe living environment for their members, so we, the AIGC, can approach their alumni as to what they will do about it.  Both of these requests appeared to be positively received, but we will see.
  2. The Greek Life Forum will be held at the Troy Hilton Garden Inn on August 27th and 28th.   We will be represented by 3 Delta Psi leaders, Justa and myself.  Pinewoods Educational Foundation is sponsoring our 68th Grand Consul, Mike Greenberg, as a keynote speaker on the 28th.
  3. Our House Corporation meeting will be held on this coming Friday, August 24th.  I urge all of you to show up for dinner at 6 PM, followed by the meeting.  The alumni work sessions will be on Saturday with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by chef Mike Volpe and his award winning smoked ribs, chicken and brisket.
  4. We will also spend some time on Saturday and Sunday in discussions with our undergraduate brothers about issues and challenges they are facing in the coming year.  As always we will have a ritualistic house meeting Saturday night, something not to be missed.
So, I urge all of you to come back to 58 Pinewoods next weekend for camaraderie and brotherhood and to see how our young brothers are carrying on the proud traditions on Sigma Chi.
In hoc,
John “Leroy” Pfaff

UPDATE: On July 18, John Pfaff sent us an email letter using our new email distribution system containing an update about the Greek Life Task Force with a request for us to message our concerns to the RPI administration on or before July 25:


  1. Email campus administration using a provided template.
  2. Call the administrators using provided talking points.“

If you did not get this message, contact Dan Zuber.


On June 8, RPI announced a Greek Life Task Force – Task Force

Our RPI Alumni Inter-Greek Council (AIGC) is a committee of the RAA which fosters overall improvement of the Greek community. We have two members on the AIGC, Bob Eckart ’73 and John Pfaff ’71. They are representing our fraternities interest. Also Sigma Chi at our International Headquarters and the National Interfraternity Council are monitoring this action.

An Update was distributed on June 26.

We have moved our e-mail mailing list.
It includes discussions, strategies and tactics in response to our university’s creation of a Greek Life Task Force that includes suspension of alcohol and a two month delay in recruitment. To ensure you remain on the mailing list, contact Dan Zuber at Dzuber321 @ gmail.
Check to see if you received a recent message from John Pfaff on July 1 titled AIGC Meeting on June 29, 2018 from email alumni_discussions @

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