Brother Rui Soares ’95 entered the Chapter Eternal

Rui SoaresBrother Soares passed away on June 1, 2019.  Rui graduated in 1995 with an RPI Degree in Mathematics.  He died from a brain aneurysm and left behind his wife, Jen, and two children, Lina 6, and Cristiano, age 2.  Rui was very active with Delta Psi as an alumnus and will be missed. He served on the Phi Epsiion Phi House Corporation Board and worked with Pinewoods Educational Foundation (PEF). Rui was very involved with volunteering his time to PEF programs and education for our undergraduate brothers. Pledge Brother Bert Maier shared additional thoughts and led the effort to established a fund for his family.  His full obituary is listed here.

Rui was the best of all people.  He made us feel better about ourselves.  He made us feel better about ourselves because he made us smile.  He made us laugh.  He made us laugh until we cried.  He cared for us.  There was no better father, husband, sibling, friend or person than Rui.
Rui made each of us feel special, important, and unique.  Why? He remembered everything about us, our families, and our times with him.  He remembered things about us that he wasn’t part of.  I relied on Rui to remember what I did in my life.
Rui cared deeply for people.  He called a friend of mine he barely knew that had cancer to say he was there for him.  He called my parents to help them plan their trip to Portugal.  He drove 4 hours for my grandmother’s funeral.
But, when I think of Rui, I think first of “Rui the family man.”  From his childhood, through college, to adult years, family was Rui’s core.  When I met him in college, it didn’t take long to understand his family gave him strength and he in return gave to his family.  Whether it was being there for his mom or being a great brother to his siblings.  Family came first.  And Rui would do anything for his family.
And then he married Jennifer.  And once again, Rui proved his unending capacity for love and support.  The consummate family man, Rui was there for Jennifer no matter what.
And then he had two beautiful children.  Have you ever talked to Rui about his children?  Let me say it another way.  If you knew Rui, have you ever not talked to Rui about his children?
The purpose of his life, from beginning to end, was his family.
Rui was taken suddenly from us.  A beautiful, meaningful life cut short.  We cannot bring him back.  But we can honor his core values. We can honor what he believed in.
In remembrance of Rui, in honor of his commitment to family, I ask you to donate to this fund to support his family, children and his children’s education.  I know what Rui would do for each of us if this situation was reversed. – Bert Maier ‘95

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