George Herbert Reynolds ’66 entered Chapter Eternal

Delta Psi Sigma Chi Brother George Herbert (GHerb) Reynolds ’66 entered the Chapter Eternal on February 27, 2018.

Pictures below are from the 2010 Homecoming Reunion – In front of the Pomeroy chapter house at 58 Pinewoods, left to right are: Bruce Allen ’65, Dick Ross ’66, George Reynolds ’66, Foss Hooper ’66, Eric Klutz ’66 & Paul Davis ’66, and at dinner are  George Reynolds ’66, Faith Reynolds and Sharon Davis.

Comments from chapter Brothers:

George’s extraordinary wit has left us much to smile about from those years with him.  At the moment, I am remembering him perched on the roof of the porch at the old house, costumed as an eagle and greeting Halloween visitors with squawks of “E plurbus unum”.  There are many other memories, too, but I need to run them by the censors first!
All honor to his name.  In Hoc, Paul Davis ’66
Just the mention of his name makes me smile. Countless times in my life I’ve had moments that flash back to something he did or said. George is one of those rare people who you can never forget once you have met him. 
All honor to his name. 
In hoc, Dennis George ’66
I believe that all of us can agree that GHerb was a memorable character.  His wit–usually accompanied by a wry grin and a subdued snicker–was not only funny but made you feel good.  His spontaneous expressions about people and life were priceless, and yes, some needed to be run by the sensors.  I’m glad Jean and I got to see Faith and GHerb–as well as their granddaughter [Courtney Reynolds ’13?] who was attending the ‘Tute–at a couple of the alumni reunions.
All honor to his name.  In hoc, Dick Ross ’66

Here is a photo from the 1965 rush brochure with Herb Reynolds (better known as Troll).  Troll is the little guy on the right side of the 49 Chevy (?) that had been sitting in the back of the house for years.  Also identifiable are Foss Hooper on the left front hood, Denny George behind him, then ??, and I think, Bill Pomeroy.  We all decided to dispose of it by driving it down Pinewoods Avenue flat out in second gear until it blew.  A was a passenger, and it DID blow.  We left it and walked back.  Frank (Skull) Kendall was the driver.  Bruce Allen, ‘65


Sigma Chi reunion 15-16 Oct 10-33 Nix frame.jpg



Sigma Chi reunion 15-16 Oct 10-40 Nix frame.jpg

Sigma Chi reunion 15-16 Oct 10-60 Nix frame.jpg

Sigma Chi reunion 15-16 Oct 10-62 Nix frame.jpgSigma Chi reunion 15-16 Oct 10-68 Nix frame.jpg

Troll and car (2)

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