Sigma Chi 1950 Petition Discovered

Brother Jim Mitchell ’51, an original member of Sigma Chi at RPI, found a pristine copy of the 1950 brochure from local Phi Epsilon Phi Petition to Sigma Chi requesting membership.  Our petition is 5 by 9 inches, 32 glossy pages including an aerial photo of RPI on the front and back covers, a picture of the membership, profiles of the members, pictures of fraternity life in 1950, and countless supporting letters from school officials, local members and prominent Sigs (including Past Grand Consul L.G. Balfour – Balfour Jewelry).  Thanks to Significant Sig Jim Mitchell ’51, recipient of both the RAA Fellows Award and the Rensselaer Davies Medal, for the safekeeping of this memory.  Brother Mitchell has donated the booklet to the chapter for safekeeping.  A copy can be found at our Chapter Web Site Alumni page
Delta Psi 1950 Petition

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