Happy New Year from the Pomeroy Chapter House @ 58 Pinewoods

cropped-housephotos1.jpgHappy New Year 2017 from the Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods.

As normal, it’s quiet here finally on Pinewoods Avenue.  Someone install a gigantic subwoofer on the third deck last semester and rocks my inners. The semester break gives me a chance to relax and get ready for the 41 brothers who will return for the spring 2017 semester.  It’s a great time for me to reflect on the past year.  My 100+ old bones are creaking, but my new 2013 rear-end facelift is in great condition.

Here’s a picture of the Brotherhood and Bob “Justa” Eckart, ’73, chapter advisor around my front porch from last month before the snows came last week.

The picture is featured on the chapter’s Facebook site (https://www.facebook.com/SigmaChiRPI/) and so are many other stories at the Alumni’s site (https://www.facebook.com/groups/deltapsi.sig/).

Looking back on 2016, the men of Sigma Chi finished the spring semester strong with Greek awards: the Communiversity and Housing Award, the Fire, Life, and Environmental Safety Award, and the Personal Development and Scholarship Awards plus the top Fraternity at RPI and awards to Sean Waclawik, initiated this fall 2015, won the New Member of the Year Award.   Also Delta Psi won intramurals ultimate Frisbee.

Fifteen brothers graduated in May for the class of 2016.  The summer saw two brothers, Aidan Gorby and Pierre Fabris, selected for scholarships to attend the Huntsman Horizons Leadership Summit at Snowbird Utah.  The chapter leadership team, led by Consul Alexander Mikelis, attended the Balfour Leadership Training workshop at Bowling Green University and returned with the seventh consecutive Peterson Outstanding Chapter award.  The group was also honored for raising funds for the Huntsman Cancer during the spring Derby Days. The chapter earned the top prize for Risk Management including a $2500 grant to implement video security equipment.  Also Pro Consul Kent Rapp won a $6,000 scholarship from the Sigma Chi Foundation.  Kent will be out to Singapore on co-op for the spring and Aidan Gorby will take over as Pro Consul.  And Marvin Cosare was elected as the new IFC president.

In November, 13 new brothers joined the Delta Psi Brotherhood.  Welcome to the family of Phi Ep Phi and Sigma Chis who have enjoyed the brotherhood here since 1942.  Last month, three more members graduated into alumni status: Will West, Christian Avarella and Frank LaPinto.  Fall semester 43 brothers lived here and I hear I should expect two less for the spring 2017 semester that starts January 17.

The big news may be the RPI Arch program requiring juniors to attend summer school and then work coop, study abroad or conduct another off-campus service project during one semester of the junior year.  I hear a big pow-wow is planned at RPI to discuss this topic very soon and House Corporation President John Leroy Pfaff ’71 will join Eckart at the meeting.

Homecoming 2016 was the special focus of the members of the class of 1966 who returned to celebrate 50 years from graduation, led by Foss Hooper ‘66.  Unfortunately, Bill Pomeroy ’66 was ill and unable to visit the Pomerory family anvil which adorns my front year.

Back in September, the Pinewoods Educational Foundation offered an interview seminar to the brothers and friends. Attendees learned soft and hard skills about resume writing, interviewing, and networking.  That was new.  It was led by Dennis Powers ’63 and Rui Soares ’95 using materials developed jointly by Powers and Soares. Matt Miller ‘77, Doug Doskosil ‘83, John Baldwin ‘77 and Jim Manocchi ‘75 assisted with resume and cover letter feedback and in conducting the many individual mock interview and feedback sessions.  The seminar preceded the Fall Alumni-Rush dinner

Each summer 20 to 30 alumni have returned for the Work Party before the fall semester to enhance my grounds and renew the garage.  I look forward to new plantings under the direction of Larry Heininger ’78, master landscape architect and getting my row of front sidewalk privets trimmed by Bob “Ruff” Hutnick ’71.

Interestingly, perennial work party foreman, Bob “Beo” Bedard, ’75, is moving is home and business from Connecticut.  His new home is in the Pinewoods neighborhood just a few doors down and around the corner on Belle Avenue.  He’ll be able to attend events and keep a closer eye on my upkeep.  I am also expecting to get a new internet connection from RPI with the other Pawling Avenue fraternities, wired with fiber optic internet access this year.

Also during the summer, I overheard Alex Manochi ’12, propose marriage to Chelsea on my porch where they first met.  Congratulations to them on their upcoming wedding.  Also this year, there were multiple lavalierings: Felicia and Ben Richardson ’15; Laurel and Brian Casel ’17; and Christine and Andrew Ehlers ‘16.


May all the brothers who lived here at 58 Pinewoods and all your families and all your friends have a very happy and prosperous 2017.  Please come back to visit me and renew the bonds of your brotherhood in Sigma Chi.

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