Sigma Chi honors Bill Wurst and Jim Manocchi with 7 Lights Awards

William Wurst ’71 and Jim Manocchi ’75 were awarded the 7 Lights honor at the eightieth Sigma Chi Grand Chapter meeting in San Diego on June 26, 2015. Wurst and Manocchi were recognized for their leadership and work with the Phi Epsilon Phi House Corporation and the renovation of the Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods.

Wurst and Manocchi will receive their awards formally at the 65th Anniversary and RPI Homecoming, on October 3, 2015.
[Ssshh!  This is a secret and Bill & Jim do not know about their awards!]

William K. Wurst, ’71

Bill returned to assist his chapter upon the initiation of his son Peter in 2000.  During Pete’s years at Delta Psi, Bill recognized that the chapter and the house corporation needed help maintaining our now 100+ year old chapter house and dove right in.  He’s been the House Corporation President for the past six years culminating in a Grand Consul’s citation from Mike Greenberg presented at the dedication ceremony for the $2.8 million chapter house renovation October 2013.  He oversaw the formation of the Pinewoods Education Foundation.  Bill has been instrumental in the emotial and physical restoration of the Delta Psi chapter house and has been a dependable and loyal brother in the trenches at all times, despite ill health.   Bill started the Delta Psi annual summer work parties begun 2006 to help refurbish the ailing chapter house at 58 Pinewoods.  He has volunteered not only to do the work but to help maintain continuity of leadership within the house corporation.

James C. Manocchi, ’75

Jim has served as chairman and project engineer for the renovation of the 100+ year-old chapter house at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Jim spent countless hours on the design, planning and monitoring of the $2.8 Million renovation of the Pomeroy Chapter House at Delta Psi.  Jim “the house builder.” was recognized by Grand Consul Mike Greenberg during the dedication ceremonies, October 2013 with a Grand Consul citation for his leadership.  The $1.5 million fund raising campaign started in 2010 by co-chairman Manocchi was so successful such that the renovation was started one year early and finished on schedule one year early.  The newly renovated Pomeroy Chapter house was filled with 49 men upon its dedication semester.

Jim was also highly involved with the Delta Psi annual summer work parties begun 2006 to help refurbished an ailing structure that housed only 15 brothers because of its poor condition.  The annual alumni/ active work party help to rebuild the chapter house and the brotherhood.  He consistently returns to the chapter for Alumni Rush events, and has found the time to qualify for and serve as a Ritual Peer!  Jim has been a leader of the programs at Delta Psi ever since and continues to be instrumental.

Details on the 7 Lights Awards can be found at 7 Lights.


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