Happy New Year 2018 from the Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods

[I posted this story from an email sent to me by 58pinewoods@gmail.com – Editor]2017-12 Chapter HouseThe chapter brothers finished finals late this year – Friday December 22, 2017.  They won’t return until January 16 for classes, so I have three plus weeks for my rest, restoration and relaxation.  Chapter Advisor and Order of Constantine member, Robert “Justa” Eckart ’73 will stop by frequently to check on my condition, just like Arch Love ’42 did for all those many winters.  It’s been a long time since anyone stayed over for the winter break. But I must guard against the winds blowing against my old front frame.  Unfortunately it’s very cold here and expected to continue for the next 10 days!

This month I said good-bye to three members at the December Graduation: They took the obligatory picture on my front steps, as so many brothers before them.

  • Sam Doskocil ‘17 graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering and will begin working as a Technology Specialist – Patent Attorney Track at a Boston law firm.
  • Scott Corradi ‘17 graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and is considering offers for structural engineering grad schools at Stevens, NJIT and Syracuse versus full time employment.
  • Ryan Gavin ‘17 graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees in Information Technology & Web Science and Business & Management, and a Master of Science in Technology Commercialization & Entrepreneurship.

During the Fall semester, IFC included Brothers Marvin Cosare ’18 as president and Alex Steff ’19 as VP of Philanthropy.

Kent Rapp ’18 did not return for the Fall semester, selected to spend summer and fall semesters abroad and participate in the 2017 to 2018 Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX) fellowship, living in Rostock Germany.  I overheard that Fall Magister Aidan Gorby ’19 will not return for Spring 2018 semester and will study aboard in London.  RPI has requested that many juniors spend a semester away from campus.  These activities provide many opportunities for leadership positions to be shared / swapped during the year.  The mandatory away from campus (ARCH) program, begins summer 2018.

November 2017, I witnessed the preparation and training of 13 new brothers, men who showed a great potential for the future of our chapter. I overheard that these 13 new brothers will participate in Sigma Chi’s new program for post-initiation training called Ritual for Life (R4L) program. R4L is the beginning for ongoing ritual education in their Sigma Chi journey provided by the International Fraternity.  Leaders were trained at the BLTW in August and the program is supported by teaching lesson plans, online video and training materials and to be supplemented by ritual-trained alumni experts.

I witnessed Alex Steff ’19 present a lavalier to Jessica MacPherson.  Outside events included engagements by Oskari Rautiainen ‘16, Joe Pumper’16 and Nick Pitt ’16, and Alex Manocchi ‘16 married Chelsea.

At the October RPI honors convocation, graduate student Chaz Goodwine ’13 received the RPI Founders Award of Excellence.

During Homecoming celebration in October, led by Alan Roberts ’83, class of 83 brothers gathered to remember classmate, Doug Doskocil ‘83, with a White Rose Ceremony.  The groups also recognized many other Delta Psi brothers who entered the Chapter Eternal this year including: Henry O. “Hank” Lumb Jr. ’53, a founding father of Delta Psi of Sigma Chi at RPI in 1950; Albert Welford “Will” Castleman Jr. ’57; Robert Glaess ’65; John Schroder ’69; Mark J. Harris ’70; Bob Brooks ’75; and Jim “Flanigan” Comyns ’77.

In December, I heard that Armen Renjilian ’52 entered the chapter eternal.

More than 30 brothers piled into my alumni living room in September for the Pinewoods Educational Foundation’s (PEF) second annual Interviewing and Resume Skills Training Workshop lead by Dennis Powers ’63 with help from John Baldwin ‘77, Matt Miller ‘77, John Pfaff ‘71 and Dan DeSantis ‘78.  I overheard the current residents comment how the efforts by my alumni are really changing the dynamic of how fraternity is defined.

The fall semester began with excitement as the Delta Psi brothers brought back their 8th consecutive Peterson Award from the Sigma Chi Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.  But this Award was special and included a Gold Level Certificate (one of only six awarded by the International Fraternity) that shines on the mantel of my Library.  This award was the icing on the cake of the May Greek awards for Delta Psi’s second consecutive President’s Cup award for best fraternity and only fraternity out of 29 to earn a five star designation. Servant Leader of the Year Award went to Sigma Chi’s Sean Waclawik ‘18, and the Greek Man of the Year went to Marvin Cosare ‘18. Greeks also presented RPI’s chapter advisor of the year award to Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73 and then named the award for him permanently.

bull ridingFall rush events held on my grounds included bull riding as well as lots of game playing and picnicking.  I’m grateful that the bull was the kind that didn’t leave deposits all over my grass.

Work Party 2017 was similar but different.  The Alumni led by Bob Bedard ’75 and Thom Kouletsis ’76 as usually but since the rebuilt of my back half, the work party tasks have been simply.  I’m just not falling apart like I was did.

Work Party also honored remodeler supreme, Alan “HJ” Hanbury ’74, who was also recognized by the Sigma Chi Fraternity with the 7 Lights Award to service dedication.  HJ was joined by chapter mates at the 70th Grand Chapter in Providence, RI in June.

Scott and Barbara Dukette ’80 started a year abroad, living in twelve different countries.

Back in May, 14 brothers graduated: Ryan R-Dubz Williams, Nikolay Du Ciel, Brian Casel, James Crist, Conrad Mossl, JJ Hu, Alex Mikelis, Ryan Gavin, Luke Perkins, Matthew Tabak, Matt Rettig, John Romano, Alex Quigley, and Ravi PanseThey gathered on my porch steps for this classic pose.

During the spring 13 new brothers were added to my undergraduate members: 11 one day and 2 more athletes a couple of weeks later at the University of Rochester. My rooms are filled (but I love being full of terrific members!!

Lots of graduates, lots of awards, many new members and lots of enthusiasm – I can’t wait until my January nap is over and 2018 continues the EXcellence at the Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods Avenue. Here’s to a Happy New Year!

If any of you find yourselves in Troy, please stop by and visit the undergraduate brothers who watch over me (and me over them).


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