Pinewoods Educational Foundation Holds Interviewing and Resume Skills Training Workshop

The Pinewoods Educational Foundation (PEF) held its second annual Interviewing and Resume Skills Training Workshop from 11am to 3pm on Saturday, September 16, 2017.  The seminar and training and attended by more than 30 students (mostly sophomores and juniors). Dennis Powers ’63 presented the materials and was supported by returning alums: John Baldwin ‘77, Matt Miller ‘77, John Pfaff ‘71 and Dan DeSantis ‘78.

The seminar provided personalized feedback, important to improving the resumes and interviewing.  The students had excellent experiences and credentials but appeared reluctance students to open up and share their personal information about themselves as human beings – that what makes them unique.  The mock interviewed provided encouragement to communicate more effectively.

Draft resumes needed clear objectives and limited coursework and software training listings and replace it with meaningful info about themselves.  Participants made progress on teasing out good material for use in their second draft. Some had amazingly good experiences/achievements that were not mentioned in their initial drafts.

The PEF remains convinced that this program, open to all RPI students, can continue to make a very big difference in helping students land good internships and permanent jobs.   It is important to encourage sophomores and juniors to attend.  Exposing underclassmen to the program should help assure they are well prepared to interview and later after graduation.

Thanks to Brother Powers for organizing the event and to Brothers Baldwin, Miller, Pfaff and DeStantis for their participation.

2017 PEF Training dinner.jpg
Dennis Powers ’63 address the chapter

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