Work Party 2017

Greetings and salutations, Brothers!  I hope you all are having a wonderful summer as i  Friday, August 25 – Sunday, August 27, 2017
Come join the festivities (and do a little work, too!).  This is the 12th annual celebration of our alumni/active pre-semester work weekend, and all alumni brothers are invited back to Troy to participate in this fun-filled event.
It’s been four years since the Bill Pomeroy Chapter House of the Delta Psi chapter of Sigma Chi was dedicated on Homecoming weekend, 2013.
An end of the year walk-through audit of the house this past May by House Corp Board Member Bob “Beo” Bedard ‘75 and Chapter Advisor extraordinaire, Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73 once again found the house to be in good condition.  The active brothers can be commended for the fine job they are doing in maintaining the house.  But as always, there are things to be done to prepare the house for the upcoming school year.  Foreman Beo and chief home remodeler and recent recipient of the Seven Lights service award from national, Alan “HJ” Hanbury ’74, along with input from the chapter, are compiling the “to-do” list for Work Party 2017 with jobs for everyone. Professional skills are not needed, just a desire to work alongside of the active brothers in caring for our house.  As always, there will be landscaping projects, clean-up activities, painting, minor repairs, etc. to be done, along with building a rock climbing wall in the garage and other fun projects.  Come on home to Troy this year and help us make that lady at 58 Pinewoods glow!|
But wait!  There’s more!  Let’s not forget about the Friday evening active/alumni dinner followed by the PEP Corporation meeting and elections, the weekend of great camaraderie, the Saturday night ritual house meeting, and the chance to strengthen our bonds with each other, swap stories, and tell tall tales of bygone days. To sum it all up, it’s simply a good time!
This should be on everyone’s bucket list.  Join us this year, and cross it off yours.
If you plan to attend, please send the following information to me:
1.)    Name/Nickname and Class Year.
2.)    Current locale in which you reside.
3.)    Cell phone # (with area code).
4.)    Friday alumni/undergrad dinner? Yes/No.
5.)    Last meal to be eaten with us, i.e., Sunday lunch.
For those interested in the Friday golf, you all will have to seek each other out and self-organize since Bob ‘Ruff The Babysitter’ Hutnick (’71) will not be in attendance this year and available to coordinate.  He will be enjoying some quality family time in the Outer Banks of NC.
I have emptied my mailbox in anticipation of an avalanche of e-mail responses, so have at it!
Only three weeks away, so please let us know you’re coming, so we can make plans accordingly.
Hope to see you in Troy soon!
In hoc,|
Klit ’76 (a.k.a., Thom Kouletsis) Cell: (717) 805-2618 E-mail:


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