Sigma Chi honored Alan Hanbury with 7 Lights Awards

The Sigma Chi Fraternity honored Alan Hanbury, RPI ’74 with the Seven Lights service award at its 81st Grand Chapter alumni celebration lunch on June 23, 2017 in Providence, Rhode Island.  Brother Hanbury, a professional home remodeler in Newington, Connecticut, was recognized for more than a decade of work on Sigma Chi fraternity house at his alma mater.  The Seven Lights awards is presented to alumni members who have demonstrated significant service of ten or more years as an active alumnus as recognized by other alumni.  No more than 28 Seven Lights are awarded in any year to the more than 300,000+ brothers.

AHanburycolorBrother Hanbury was recognized for his more than 15 years of service starting in 2002 to the Delta Psi chapter, leading the repair and refurbishment of the 115 year-old Sigma Chi fraternity at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods in Troy, New York.  As endorsed by Jim Manocchi ‘75, “Alan’s dedicated leadership and his heavy investment of his time and resources has been an essential part of making this journey for both the facility and the brotherhood possible.”  “During each and every fall work party, Alan was the ‘go to’ guy whenever questions arose.  For many of us these issues [repairing the house] were daunting. For Alan they were simply challenges to address and repair,” added Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73. “Frankly, he showed the patience of Job and, along the way, many undergraduate brothers learned important new skills from him.”  Although the annual alumni “work party” lasts only a couple days, many times Alan has spent the entire next week finishing projects. Additionally, Brother Hanbury was integral to planning and construction of the new addition completed in 2013.

Brother Hanbury will be recognized by the Delta Psi chapter at Work Party 2017, August 2017, at the Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods in Troy, New York, if we can get his hammer and saw out of his hands.

Details on the 7 Lights Awards can be found at 7 Lights.


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