Mark Harris ’70 enters Chapter Eternal

Mark J. Harris ’70 Obiturary

Mark J. Harris, 68, died January 1, 2017 at his home in Claremore, Oklahoma.

Mark was born January 20, 1948 in Tulsa to John Martin “Jack” and Margretta (Shields) Harris.

He joined the US Navy and received a rank of Lt. JG upon his discharge.

Mark had a bachelor’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a Master’s in Teaching Arts from Norhteastern State University, and a PhD in Educational Research from North Texas University.

He was preceded in death by his father, Jack” Harris.

Survivors include his mother, Margretta of Tulsa; two brothers, John & Charles Harris both of Tulsa; a sister Sharon Wilson of Claremore; a nephew Jonathan Harris of Tulsa; and other relatives.


From Tom Krause ’70

Really sad to hear this.  Okie was my roommate for a year and, of course, one of my pledge class.  The way I distracted Okie and Dave Lewis that year, I never would have expected 2 Ph.D.’s and an MBA to come out of that basement room.  I think he single handedly kept Maxwell House in business.  He was a good guy and there were some really memorable other times as well.  I was not on the trip to Oneonta in his station wagon, but I heard it was the Chinese Fire Drill that caught the trooper’s attention.  Everything turned out alright as I remember (a challenge these days).  I never would have pictured Okie as a naval officer either.


From Jim Campbell ’70: Very sad news. Okie was an OKIE through and through. He was not a prolific dater so when he finally did get a date for one of the “big” weekends, our mission was clear -Argyle raid. His date was more than a bit shocked, and Okie was ticked at first, as I believe we interrupted a big moment, but then started laughing uncontrollably. I don’t believe they ever dated again.
All honor to his name.
In Hoc,
From Bob Hutnick ’71: As Okie was about to leave Sigma Chi , forever it turned out, in 1970, he came up to me and put his hand out and said something like “Ruff, we’ve been through a lot but no hard feelings.” (I didn’t know why there would be hard feelings). But, of course, I went to shake his hand and he pulled it back and aid “gotcha” and ran out to his car and sped away. Okie’s “finest” moment that I remember was his challenge of Munger to a drink-off in the old bar. On the night so ordained (assumed it was a Friday in the winter of 1969), Munger and Okie entered the old bar with towels. The match was one beer and one shot until one gave up. They proceeded to have let’s say around a dozen drinks when Okie fell off the barstool and passed out onto the floor. Did we take him to the hospital? No. I never thought anyone could die from too much alcohol. Hey, I was a sophomore! We rolled Okie on his stomach so in case he threw up when we weren’t there he wouldn’t choke to death. We were caring brothers. Munger? He had one more beer and another shot, and went up to Rogue’s Den and took out a book and studied. Some say the book was upside down but regardless. It was classic. In Hoc, Ruff
From C Ray Allshouse ’70: As I recall, Okie wasn’t all to pleased when we tried to see just how many dart holes we could get into the Oklahoma license plate that he had left at the Bar… C Ray ’70
From Dave Lewis ’70: As the other room mate in that blond paneled hole in the basement agree with Krause that Mark was a good guy. Truly lived up to his Okie name! In Hoc, Dave Lewis

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