White Rose Ceremony for George Wurm ’71 – July 2015

gwt3_2014-05-56_draw_two_louBrother George “Earth” Wurm ’71 passed away from congestive heart failure on April 30, 2015.  John Pfaff ’71: “George was my oldest friend.  We met on the first day of freshman orientation in September 1967 on the 3rd floor of Cary Hall.”  George had been living in Seal Beach, CA.  A beach memorial ceremony was attended by Chris “Zoomer” Serocke ’73 representing the Delta Psi Brotherhood.

George’s younger brother, Jim and his brothers and sister would like everyone to know there will be another memorial held on July 20th in Canton, MA.  George worked many years for Jim’s company, Exhibit and Event Marketers Association.  One of the many things George did was coordinate an annual charity golf event known as the Rally at the Red Diamond.  George and Jim use the event as a family reunion site and business event.  This year, there will be an All American BBQ lunch following golf at 1:00 PM.  George’s Memorial Service will follow lunch, and we will hold Sigma Chi’s White Rose ceremony during the Memorial.  Jim has invited us all to play golf and/or come to the lunch with the Memorial to follow.  The location isPonkapoag Golf Course, 2173 Washington Street, Canton, MA 20221.  Cost for lunch: $35. White Rose Ceremony to follow lunch at 1 p.m.  http://www.e2ma.org/event/BostonRallyRDC

In this photo during the Great Western Trip #3 May 2014, Earth instructs the bartender to “Draw Two Lou” while John Leroy Pfaff ’71 and Dan “Spurt” Burt ’69 look on.

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