SlugFest 2015 – Brothers Visit Gary Wood ’71


7/27/2015 Update:

Gary passed away 7/26/2015 at home, as was his wish.  He was not in pain and his family was with him.  Gary was responsive until the last day and was visited by many family and friends. Funeral arrangements, still pending, will be handled by Days Funeral Home, Randolph, VT.  Their website is

All honor to his name!

Bob Shortle


Here’s last year’s report: SlugFest 2014.

On Tuesday June 2, 2015, June 2nd, as a culmination of the Great New Hampshire Trip organized by Ruff, a group of seven Delta Psi of Sigma Chi brothers (a coincidence there were seven?) and five wives descended on the Gary “Sluggo” and Joann Wood ’71 household for “Slugfest 2015” (Slugfest trademark courtesy of John (Chuck aka Fingers Golden ‘71), a repeat from last year.  The group included Jim “Munger” and Annie Banghart ‘69, Dan “Spurt” and Joan Burt ‘69, Bill “Turk” and Barb Wurst ‘71, Bob “Ruff” and Jean Hutnick ‘71, Paul “Cos” and Charlene Cosgrave ‘72, John “Leroy” Pfaff ‘71 and yours truly, Jim “Cramble” Campbell ‘71.

We arrived in Bethel VT about 11:30AM with hugs and greetings all around, as a number of us had not seen each other since the Pomeroy House Dedication in 2013.  Several were coming off a great weekend and early week celebration following the wedding of Alan “HJ” and Debbie Handbury’s ‘74 son in Connecticut, and parties, dinners, and various events hosted by the Bangharts and Jack “Tittie” Belletete ‘71 and Marcea Gustafson in the Jaffrey, NH area.  I am sure Ruff will send a separate report on these happenings, including some great stories.

Both Gary and Joann look terrific, and were as upbeat as always, as we have all come to expect.  After we all got to say our hellos and visit for a while, it was time for lunch, which we ordered from a small sandwich & wine shop in beautiful downtown Bethel, owned and operated by one of Sam and Sluggo’s neighbors, David Sambor.  As you might expect, the food was delicious, and we were treated to one of Gary’s famous desserts, Black Forest Cake, which was absolutely YUMMY!

I don’t believe it was a commentary on the mini-Worksession we did at Slugfest 2014, but Sam did not want us doing chores this time, so the guys gathered in the dining room area to reminisce, recall our times and the brothers we shared them with at 58 Pinewoods, and solve some of the world’s current problems, while the ladies conversed in the kitchen area.

Unfortunately, I had to leave at 2:30PM to catch a flight back to Chicago, but the rest of the group stayed to look at Munger’s college-days photos.  I can only imagine the conversations and comments these pictures generated.

It was really great to see Gary and Joann again and hopefully remind them how much they mean to us and how much they are loved by us all.  Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Messages are always welcomed.  As Gary reminded us all during our visit, the special bond we share is what separates Sigma Chi from all other fraternities.

In Hoc, Jim “Cramble” Campbell ‘70

Pictured from left to right are Jim “Cramble” Campbell ’71, Paul “Cos” Cosgrave ’72, Bill “Turk” Wurst ‘71, Bob “Ruff” Hutnick ‘71, John “Leroy” Pfaff ’71, Gary “Slug” Wood ’71, Jim “Munger” Banghart ‘69, and Dan “Spurt” Burt ‘69

More Photos: SlugFest 2015-1  SlugFest 2015-4 SlugFest 2015-5 SlugFest 2015-6 SlugFest 2015-7

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