Phi Epsilon Phi and Pinewoods Educational Foundation Board Meeting – 2/6/16

significant_sig_wall_photo_1_Februrary 16, 2016


Attached is a picture of our Significant Sig Wall in the Alumni Living Room.  The new pictures add a great deal to the warmth and personality to the room and I hope you all get to see it in person in the near future. [Link to ourSignificant Sigs]
The meeting was held in Troy with the help of Google Hangout.  We had a great turnout with brothers online from CA (Ken Sobel), Chicago (Jim Campbell), FL (Paul Cosgrave), TX (Bob Shortle), MA (Dan Zuber) and NC (Dan Hudson).  In addition, Thom Kouletsis was able to attend via phone.  Generally, this worked out great with only a few minor glitches.  I have to learn how to keep us from talking over each other and make sure our microphone is centrally placed.
Our biggest topic of conversation was of course the Junior Arch Program.  After my last email to you, on Feb. 1st, I received over 30 responses from you all with many comments and suggestions.  My biggest take aways from your responses and the meeting are as follows.
It was proposed that we work with the Alumni Inter Greek Council and present our suggestions and feedback to Dr. Frank Ross, VP of Residence Life, as soon as we can.  Our major concerns are:
  • In order to avoid a financial burden for our fraternity, the sophomore brothers must be allowed to live in the fraternity during the summer, which will be in keeping with the CLASS initiative, and not forced to live in dorms.
  • The University must be able to insure that every student has an opportunity for a meaningful Experiential Semester by providing either a co-op assignment, a research assignment, a semester abroad or a volunteer experience in order for this to be successful.
  • The Pinewoods Educational Foundation will be willing to help find and perhaps sponsor some of these programs, and will call on all Greek alumni to help in these efforts.
  • Although this is being called a mandatory program, apparently, there will be will be waivers available for athletes whose seasons bridge semesters (e.g. hockey and basketball).  Perhaps waivers could also be extended to student leaders and officers of campus organizations who need to be on campus during their Junior year.
  • Brother Bob Bedard ’75 has volunteered to lead our efforts of developing potential PEF programs for students.
These are the thoughts that have come up so far.  Let me know what you think and/or if you have any additional comments or ideas.
In hoc,
John “Leroy” Pfaff ’71

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