From the Archives: Carl Thurnau recused 1953-54 pictures from Ebay

1953-54__pic_-_2_groupDiscovered by Sigma Chi Headquarters staff, two groups of pictures surfaced on Ebay for sale, September 2015.  Carl Thurnau ’57 aided by his wife Barbara, purchased the black & white photos and has dedicated them for the archives at the Pomeroy Chapter House.  The origin of the picture are unknown.  The color slides are still for sale on Ebay.

One picture of 19 men in the front yard of 58 Pinewoods is suspected to be the pledge class initiated in spring 1954.  Nine names have been identified so far. (below)

Donald B. Anderson ’54 identified himself as the person wearing what looks like a graduation gown with his hands on the table in the living room.  Ed Kellogg ’60 identfied the person in the group photo (next to last picture #010.jpg) shows Sloane Sargent ’57 smiling and facing the camera. He was our hockey star, a defenseman on the RPI 1954 NCAA national championship team, and a wonderful guy.

We need help identifying all names in all of the pictures.

Pictures: 1953-1954 and 1954-1955

Group Picture

Front row left to right

1. Fredrick D. Hurdt
2. Thomas F. Loughran
3. Robert Richardson
4. Raymond R. Seidlitz
5. Fredrick O. Shockley
6. John l. Murray

Back row left to right
1. Leslie Robert Parker
2. Robert K. York
3. Victor J. Marma
4. Richard H Miller
5. Robert T. Meyer
6. Richard A. Engler
7. Michael D. Muir
8. Thomas E. Hubert
9. A. Marvin Roscoe, Jr.
10 Aveo J. Casselli
11 .john A. Leib
12.John S. Sargent
13.James D. Kellett

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