Brothers Featured in The Magazine of Sigma Chi

Delta Psi Sigs PJ Roughan, ’78 Thomas Brosnan, ’79 John Ulm ’78 and Mike Prescott ’78 are pictured in the Spring 2011 issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi issue, focused on volunteerism, along with award winner, Jon Merz, visiting their pledge brother Rusty Potts ’78 in 2005. Rusty died in 2009 from an 8 year long struggle with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Thanks to the nomination by PJ and the rest of the class of 1978, Jon was recognized for the fraternity’ Character in Action Award for his support of Rusty during the past decade.

During the 2010 Reunion, the assembled brothers and guests honored Jon for his support. Past Grand Consul, Bob Jones ’73, presented Jon with a Grand Consul’s citation at the August 2010 Work Party. The Magazine story includes a comment about a 60-inch TV that Jon and the pledge class bought for Rusty when Rusty became immobile. After Rusty passed away, the pledge class donated the TV to the chapter, and they delivered it to 58 Pinewoods during the 2010 Work Party.

In support of the Delta Psi’s Capital Campaign, “Building a Bridge to ΣΧcellence,” the class of 1978, lead by PJ Roughan, has collectively pooled their contributions, requesting the naming rights for the Library in honor of Rusty Potts. “The Honor that Sigma Chi has placed on Jon Merz is well deserved. The outstanding care for his pledge brother Rusty Potts will be remembered every time someone goes to the library and sees the plaque commemorating the class of ’78 campaign gift in Rusty’s honor. This will send a strong message to all pledges and brothers just what Sigma Chi is all about,” shared Campaign co-Chair Paul Cosgrave ’72. “We all feel honored to name our most intimate and prominent room for Rusty, who showed such dignity under terrible adversity, and to honor John Merz, who has shown all of us the meaning of true brotherhood. Let his actions be an inspiration and a challenge to us all,” added Campaign co-Chair Jim Manocchi ’75.

From the Sigma Chi Web site

Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action Leadership Award

A person with character shows trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and citizenship. Those who go out of their way and beyond what is expected to help others, who overcome obstacles and lead with integrity, are good candidates for the Character-in-Action award.<br>

The Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ award was introduced in 2005 when the need to recognize the selfless acts of brothers was evident. Sigma Chi is an organization known for building leaders and our members have a reputation of acting in accordance with character to change their communities. A formal recognition from the General Fraternity not only applauds these actions, but also allows non-members a chance to appreciate the scope of the organization. By recognizing these actions, Sigma Chi hopes to encourage its members to continue to strive to be men of good character. The Character-in-Action is awarded quarterly, and the recipient is recognized in The Magazine of Sigma Chi.

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