Sigs join Alan Hanbury for 7 Lights Awards in Providence

Delta Psi brothers from New England joined Alan “HJ” Hanbury celebrated his 7 Lights service award (see the Award  Story) at Sigma Chi’s 81st Grand Chapter on June 24, 2017 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Brothers joining HJ included Larry Mentz ’68, Bill Wurst ’71, Bob Shortle ’74 (with Marion), Greg Chilson ’75, Jim Manocchi ’75 (with Pam), Bob Bedard ’75, Greg Hasko ’77 and John Baldwin ’77.

Brother Hanbury will be recognized by the Delta Psi chapter at Work Party 2017, August 2017, at the Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods in Troy, New York, if we can get the hammer and saw out of his hands.

Hanbury photo 1Greg Chilson ’75, Jim Manocchi 75, Bob Shortle 74, John Baldwin 77Hanbury photo 2Alan Hanbury ’74 and John Baldwin ‘77
Hanbury photo 3Alan Hanbury ’74 and Bob Bedard ‘75aHanbury photo 4Jim Manochi ’75 , Bob Shortle ’74, Bill Wurst ’71,  Alan Hanbury ‘74, John Barnes ’77, Greg Hasko ’77, Bob Bedard ’75, and Pam Manocchi Hanbury photo 5
Alan Hanbury ‘74, and Bob Bedard ’75Hanbury photo 6Marion Shortle, Pam Manocchi, Bob Shortle ’74 and Alan Hanbury ‘74



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